Trails in Northern California

Trails in Northern California

Leave No Trace!

Visit for more information about Desolation Wilderness. Visit or call 1- 877-444-6777 to make park reservations. Visit Campfire Permits to get a permit online. More about Leave No Trace principles.

July 09, 2012

Sutter Buttes, CA update:

I had a recent conversation about the Buttes and had recalled some closure issue I had posted a long time ago.  That motivated me to look into the current offerings into the area.  It's one of those "bucket list" hikes for me.  Click on the links below for details, reservations, fees, and types of experiences.

Sutter Buttes  hikes are being offered for a fee during fall and spring.  The trailhead is located on private property so reservations must be made through the Middle Mountain Foundation, a land trust managing the area classified as a state park in 2005.  Land owners are compensated for the land and retain their rights to live on the land as they did before the agreements reached with the state.  There are a wide variety of offerings in the buttes of one to eight miles and vary in difficulty and focus.  Costs listed on their website     New hiking and activity dates for the fall will be posted around October 7th.  Cost for open hikes is $35 per person unless otherwise stated.

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