Trails in Northern California

Trails in Northern California

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June 12, 2011

Hiking Shoes or Losing Your Sole

 Or, "Shoes Have Soles"
Photo courtesy of Bill, the infamous Sierra Foothill Hikers Organizer: his own boots!!!

You've heard it all before.  "You need good shoes to hike, to go for a walk in the woods".  I received the photo below of a shoe belonging to one of my hiking partner's sisters.  He had talked her, arm twisted her, into a nice short and pretty hike near Whiskytown, CA, and this adventure was just a day hike.  She put on her tennies,  took water and snacks, and obviously a camera.  The whole story was long and hilarious, but I'll keep to the short version!  They met a bear (who did run off, thankfully)!  Along the way, they took a "wrong turn" and weren't where they wanted to be.  Out of nowhere they happened upon a house and had to humble themselves and ask for assistance. Next they called a friend of hers to come get them.  In her friend's car after she picked them up, they slid into a ditch, which banged up the car a bit and they had to push it back on to the road.  And Sore?  Yep.  She got that too.
But here is the shoe in question, and the real point of this story...the star of this true hiker's tale:

When the sole came loose, they tried repairs with duct tape, then medical tape, and finally, shoe lace remnants from a lace that had broken, to keep it attached.  The only idea they had left was to use bark for a sole....okay, laughingly!
So, my advice is to get a good pair of shoes first, then hike.  It is really worth the cost and you won't end up facing a bear in the woods with the sole of your shoe falling off!

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