Trails in Northern California

Trails in Northern California

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June 06, 2014

El Dorado Trail Chapter 2

Bikes, strollers, runners, dogs, equestrians, 

and hikers welcome.

El Dorado Trail 6-2014

This section runs from the quaint "Placerville Station" to the parking 

at Jacquier and Highway 50.  

Placerville Station
Distance: 4.5 miles of wheelchair and stroller accessible trail.
Elevation Change: About 900 feet.
Difficulty:  Easy- to as hard as you make it. This section is all paved and hills are very long, and not too steep.  By taking the trail westward of Jacquier parking you will have to go uphill on the return trip.  You can park at the Placerville Station at Mosquito Rd and Highway 50.
Driving Directions:
To the Placerville Station: Take Highway 50 to Mosquito Rd exit.  You will find the Station east of the freeway, on your left. There is a massive parking there.  The trail heads south into town or cross at Clay Street and head in an easterly direction
El Dorado Trail Parking: Take Exit 49 toward Point View Drive.  Go east and you can park alongside the road in marked parking spots or go a little further and turn in tot he El Dorado Trail parking (most suitable for horse trailers).
Other Notes:  At the Placerville Station I understand there are restrooms, and in the Jacquier Parking there are two vault toilets.

El Dorado Trail parking on Jacquier Rd. in Placerville, CA.
On the down side, along the way, there is heavy road noise at times.

This winding paved trail meanders through the sun and shade with inviting benches stationed every so often for travelers to soak in the wildflowers colors and the enjoy the outdoors.

Clarkia and Tincture Plant
Among  the wildflowers, be beware of poison oak; it lines some areas of the trail.


Himalayan blackberries with pink blooms.

Pink blackberry blossoms, gumplants, and a variety of other plants are blooming on this 90 degree day, in a drought, and cheer the weary into actviity.

Tincture Plant
Other wildflowers in bloom included brodiaea, vetch, groundsel, 
arnica, thistles, Jepson's pea (above), and more!

These In Memory plaques are placed alongside the trail. 

El Dorado Trail taken June of 2014.
Happy Trails!
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