Trails in Northern California

Trails in Northern California

Leave No Trace!

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August 18, 2011

Hiking Poles or Get a Grip!

I love using my hiking poles, especially since the knee injury!  My knee is in great shape now, but I still depend on the poles to distribute the work of backpacking more evenly throughout my body.
The old set of poles had cork hand grips.  They were great to hang on to while sweating my way through the trails without getting slippery.  My newer set has EVA foam grips.  My personal opinion is that I dislike them as  my hands get sweaty and uncomfortable.  My hands have to work harder to grip them.  Yes, I use the wrist straps too, but my hands need a good hold.
When I was shopping I discovered a solution!  Not made for hiking but for tennis!  The tape for tennis racket handles gives a sure fire grip without slipping, and it absorbs the moisture while also drying out as you go.  If you are experiencing unsatisfactory hiking pole grip issues, try the tennis tape.  It is very inexpensive, available in sporting goods stores, and is easy to apply to your handles with no glue or curing.  NO SWEAT solution!

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