Trails in Northern California

Trails in Northern California

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February 24, 2011

Deer Attacks Child and Poodle!

I have no photos and I bet you're suspicious about the title.  It really happened, to ME, in around 1965 or so!  My profile mentions the amount of time I have spent alone in the woods.  Something bad was bound to happen!  We were on one of our regular trips but had stopped for a break.  I took our poodle named "Jeep", ya, "Jeep".  She was a well trained, adorable grey little poodle.

My pup, and I around 9 years old I think, took off into the woods, just like always.  She was not on a leash, but she never had a problem staying close to me.  We were wandering around and out of nowhere, here came flying hooves at us.  A doe was striking us both, rearing like a wild horse in the movies!  We dodged her and ran while I screamed!

Fortunately and unbelievably, here came a forest ranger, out of nowhere too!  He and my stepfather both grabbed the doe around the neck and drug her away from me and my pooch.  We were both shocked and, not crying!  But really, the forester said she probably had a fawn nearby and was afraid of us, defending her baby.

The lessons are: deer are not necessarily Bambi, children in the woods are at risk, and a pretty doe does attack people!

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