Trails in Northern California

Trails in Northern California

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February 08, 2019

Fishing on Summer Backpacking Trips

Learn about fishing and pack a light rod n reel or go fly fishing on your over-nighters.

This fellow was fly fishing in Kyburz along the river.  I could hardly resist capturing a photo of this classic scene.  This could be us!
Brandon, a family member fishing on the American River near Codfish Creek Falls, CA.

My oldest grandson and I are going fishing this year.  I have looked longingly at the jumping fish in high mountain lakes I backpacked in to, wishing I had packed in a rod n reel or learned fly fishing.

Recently I finally broke down and bought us new poles for packing, new reels with the 8# line loaded at the store. I still have to assemble our rods and reels, and add all of the tackle needed like the hooks, weights, and floats.  

While researching, I discovered a great website to walk newbies through the set up.  Check out information that is well organized and perfect for beginners.

As I get the poles set up I will get a few images to share and as we get out to fish, an occasional update will be here too.  Neither of us is brand new to fishing, but new enough to have plenty to learn.  
Mase at Loch Levin fishing.....for hours.

Wish us luck!  

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