Trails in Northern California

Trails in Northern California

Leave No Trace!

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May 11, 2012

Feather Falls 2017 Alert!

 Feather Falls Trail

Location: Feather Falls is north east of Lake Oroville, CA. and is part of Plumas National Forest. 
Distance: Plan to hike as much as 10 miles because you will have to use the upper (harder) trail both ways, but it is well maintained and even has built bridges for accessibility.  (Thank you Chris for the distance update!)
Difficulty: Consider it a moderate-strenuous hike, due to added length and some fairly steep uphill.  
Elevation gain: 1670+ feet.  
Notes:  Dogs are allowed.  July 2017 reports are that it is best to go the same trail in and out, the longer route due to a combination of trail washout and very tall and thick poison oak.
 There are vault toilets, only at the trailhead as I recall.

 The pleasurable points of this hike are the shady areas and the water cascades.

 The forestry has built and maintained the trail and there are bridges for crossing creeks.

When you need a rest, there are some old and less than new benches or rocks along the way.  I have seen families with strollers and baby packs using the trail.  Have snacks, lunch, plenty of water, and plenty of bug spray.

 This was my favorite water cascade view from a shady bridge, 
making resting here a must!

There will be a turnoff to the right that is off the loop trail, taking you single file out to the platform deck for a better view of the falls. You will need to leave or carry the stroller but you'll have a good rest and view on the large wood deck.  Rainbows are a sure thing!

The waterfall is estimated to be over 400 feet tall! 
This is the bottom of the falls, creating a thick mist and perfect rainbows.
 Even the locals had to get the best views!

 This is the view of the canyon the water follows to the lake.  Apparently boaters and fishermen use the area.

Allow enough time to get back before dusk for even though it is cooler, the bugs come out in blankets of carnivorous feeders!

I don't have tracks and couldn't find it on Wikiloc.  The trail is well traveled and marked.

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